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Sponsor a Reader is a program that places quality children’s books in the hands of kids in need. According to the Children’s Literacy Foundation, 61% of low income families have no children books at home. Samara Books’ Sponsor a Reader program allows interested sponsors to purchase books bundles for young readers. Each book bundle consists of three (3) children’s books plus fun literacy tools to engage developing readers. Once a sponsor adopts a reader, teachers select three books from the Samara Book Collections based on the reader’s grade level. Then, these new books are bundled with fun literacy tools, and sent directly to the homes of the adopted readers.

Sponsorship of readers can be open or closed. An open sponsorship allows the sponsor to create a personal note to their adopted reader. A closed sponsorship is when no personal information is shared between the adopted reader and their sponsor.

Opportunity gaps grow while schools are shut down. Let’s create more equitable literacy experiences for our youngest, most vulnerable readers so they can play, read and wonder about the world they live in!

Number of Readers to Sponsor
($25 each)
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