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United States of America

One of the Donation Bags Designed by Evan

Words have been my comfort since I was young girl. I can remember sitting in my third grade classroom and my teacher giving the class four or five words. Then, we could create anything using these words. My poet voice was born in Ms. Newell’s third grade classroom. Writing became my way to create and cope. After years of life, I have come back to it.

In its first week, the Sponsor a Reader program delivered 126 books to 44 readers! People around the United States sponsored readers to provide comfort in words to young children during this time. I remain humbled by its success and remain committed to developing new ways to get more books into more kids’ homes.

I always knew I wanted to donate books to a community in need. This week, I noticed that many of the books delivered were for school-aged children. An opportunity to support a local diaper drive surfaced and I let my heart take the lead again.

We decided to donate baby board books, with diaper wipes and a few literacy tools. We are a family owned business so we worked together to create uplifting messages on the donation bags. I asked each son to imagine being a parent worried about food and diapers for young child.

“You have a helper who comes once a week to deliver meals and sometimes diapers. What would be one word you could say to this parent to lift them up?”

Baby Board Book Donations

Believe. Awesome. Read. United. Words of comfort to unknown parents in a beloved community. “United” made to be one. Then I realized, we are all in different ‘states’ of being during this time, from extreme highs to extreme lows. But we are united in these states. The United States of America means so much more to me today.

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United States of America

United States of America

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